MOMENTUM :: Dancing a Space

Our international guests will introduce spaces and values that they have been creating the last years through dance. Dancing together created a force that gained visibility for regions and cities where they are based and reminded us of the original values of rave culture/togetherness and synchronicity. These values are disturbed World Wide. We will hear from panellists how they use dance as a way of uniting people, creating a powerful collective body and creative art and music scene. The dance of urgency is temporary, it is momentum. How to maintain values within the community and spaces for new generations and within changing social-political circumstances?


Naja Orashvili (Bassiani, Horoom Nights, Tbilisi)
Maya Baklanova (Cxema, Kiev)
Natig Ismayil (IN, Azerbijan)
Rojeh Khleif (Jazar Crew, Palestine)
Dominykas Čečkauskas (Platforma, Vilnius)


Bogomir Doringer

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