Spaces of Urgency: Pioneers of the Future

More and more European cities are starting to recognize the loss of cultural identity and the urgent demands for the return of free space. To do so, various projects and researches are taking place to examine the possibilities of realising such spaces. During this panel, the pioneering panellists are representing the current developments and approaches surrounding the topic `of Spaces of Urgency and the realisation of unbureaucratic spaces for self-organized culture in the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin and Vienna. What are the bottlenecks when it comes to realising such spaces and how can institutions support top-down processes that meant to protect self-organisation in our cities?

This panel is curated by the International research platform Space of Urgency, which will be launched during the public day of the Night-Stadt Nach Acht conference: Frei(T)räume.


Brigitte Felderer | Space of Urgency, Die Angewandte | Wien
Julian Jansen | Gemeente Amsterdam
Ella Overkleeft | Trans Europe Halles, Copenhagen
Ilya Minaev | FEF Projekt, Berlin
Ramon De Lima | Night Mayor Amsterdam

Moderation: Liese Kingma | Frei(T)räume, Space of urgency, Berlin/ Amsterdam

Language: Englisch

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