The Development of Drug Checking Year 2019

The term Drug Checking refers to a service that integrates analysis of mostly illegal sub-stances, with personal support and consultation for recreational drug users. The first Drug Check-ing services were established 30 years ago. Initial-ly often ridiculed as an idea of freaks, it was criticized as a drug use promotion instrument. Today Drug Checking becomes more and more recognized as an important harm reduction and monitoring instrument. This panel will focus on the par-adigm shift from a grassroots idea to recognized harm reduction model.


Fiona Measham | Fiona Measham University of Liverpool, Co-Director of The Loop UK
Tibor Harrach | Drug Checking Initiative Berlin
Mireia Ventura | Energy Control Barcelona
Dominique Schori | Infodrog Schweiz, Bern
Elisa Fornero | neutravel Torino

Moderation: Carlos Paulos | Pipapo Luxemburg

Language: English

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