Jakob Turtur

Clubcommission e.V., Jonny Knüppel | Berlin [DE]

Jakob Turtur arrived to Berlin about 5 years ago as a Student for audiodesign and Interactive Art, DJ and event organisator. In order to start a new event series, he teamed up with some fellows that had just started to build a new club and art space called "Jonny Knüppel“. By getting more and more involved in the Project, he felt that Berlin was changing rapidly from the land of promised artistic freedom and space, to the commercialised and over regulated city he had just left. Due to the ongoing fights with the bureaucracy and landlord, Jakob joined the board of Clubcommission Berlin to seek for help and new ideas on how to maintain some free and collectively managed club and art space. After all Jonny Knüppel had to move to a less central space and is about to start its new project elsewhere, while Jakob is still fighting with his colleagues from Clubcommission for the Berlin club scene.

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