Gabriel Amezcua

Musician, physical therapist, anthropologist | Mexico

Mexican researcher of traditional uses, harm reduction and therapy with psychedelic substances. Anthropologist of mental health and ritual dynamics, consultant for the Open Society Foundation, collaborator for Eclipse e.V. and co-founder of the harm reduction projects Espolea, Universo de las Drogas and P.A.S. in Mexico. Also a regular psycho-nautical explorer and electronic music enthusiast

Musician, physical therapist, anthropologist and psychonaut, Gabriel has worked for more than 10 years on issues related to psychoactive substances. In Mexico he worked with the civil association Espolea and ReverdeSer, with whom he helped to create the first stand for harm reduction, substance analysis and psychedelic care at festivals. He was also a co-creator of the infographic The Universe of Drugs and collaborated in recognized organizations and collectives such as the Nierika Institute, Drug Reporter and Colectivo Drogas, Política y Cultura. His thesis in the anthropology of ritual received honorific mention for his extensive ethnographic mapping on types of rituals and their relation to the different altered states of consciousness. He currently resides in Berlin, where he is pursuing his master’s degree in intercultural research while collaborating with the Eclipse harm reduction organization and the Altered psychedelic research collective.

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