Space of Urgency: Self-organisation vs. Overregulation

Rapid urban development has made looking back into the history of free spaces increasingly urgent. Today, more than ever, it seems we have to remind ourselves of what a free space means. In the discussion, we will explore examples of self-organized bodies from London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Our panellists will share their memories and perspectives of these spaces; how their actions shaped cities, but also got them pushed away.

What knowledge can we extract from self-organized rave and festival culture? How have past movements contributed to the core identity of free spaces in cities around the world? How could models based on such practices influence future urban planning developments worldwide?


Deborah Griffith (Spiral Tribe, Paris, London)
Eva de Klerk (NDSM, The city as Casco, Amsterdam)
Ania Pilipenko (Holzmarkt, Bar 25, Berlin)
Steven Raspa (Burning Man, San Francisco)


Liese Kingma

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