Liese Kingma

Co-Curator Stadt Nch Acht / Frei(T)räume - Space of Urgency | Berlin, Amsterdam [DE/NL]

Since 4 years Liese Kingma has been working together on the topics of Dance & Space of Urgency (together with Bogomir Doringer) within the curation frameworks of the NIGHTS-Stadt Nach Acht conference, public day (Frei(T)räume (2016-2019).

In 2018 she was conducting the „Model Space Project“ together with Clubcommission Berlin and TU Berlin which is focussed on creating new urban tools, which can scan the city for the preservation of free experimental Urban Spaces throughout Europe. Lieses focus as a project leader is creating new urban tools for the creation of free experimental space together with Universities of Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna. This focus is rooted in the electronic underground music scene and a fascination for cultural experiments which occurs when a vacuum is created within abandoned spaces. The free spaces that are created influence city-making and the urban renewal within cities. Liese Kingma and Bogomir Doringer will launch their new project ´Space of Urgency`during Frei(T)räume 2019, on Saturday the 30th of November in Tresor.

During the curation of club-culture related topics on the Stadt Nach Acht conferences, Liese recognized that the urgency for the realisation of free space together with the dancing with urgency have a major impact on many club culture-related narratives and art-projects worldwide. In the last year, Liese developed new combined formats which she and Bogomir Doringer present during fife international conferences and exhibitions – in Berlin combined with the curation of the public day of Stadt Nach Acht (Frei(T)räume 2019.

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