Nightlife Under Pressure: Political Boundaries and Rave Culture

At our previous conferences, we had a special focus on those countries and social situations, where contemporary urban music culture is also a pool for the marginalized, non-linear individuals of societies. While these groups are often treated like suspicious creatures with a collection of coffin nails to the existing order of societies in their hands, the artistic expression of music and dance are for those forms of emancipation and protection against the pressure from mainstream society. In some countries, movements of a musical underground have reached an enormous impact on the political agenda while others are fought back brutally and forced to find subversive ways of raising their voice carefully.

Other forms of political rave protests are claiming to speak for a majority of the society against political extremists and their growing impact on certain European societies. They are defending a liberal, tolerant and open-minded way of living, a diverse culture and all values, related to a peaceful society.

Naja Orashvili | Founder of Bassiani | Horoom | Equality Movement for LGBT/Queer rights | Tiblisi
Luz González Torres aka Demian Licht | Modus | Female Criminals No. 1 | Mexico City (tbc.)
Jorge Sanza | Nix, Madrid
Rojeh Khleif | Jazar Crew, Palestine

Moderation: Marc Adam Harold | Vilnius Night Alliance | Vilnius [LT]

Language: English

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