Rojeh Khleif

Jazar Crew | [PS]

Rojeh Khleif is a Palestinian deejay and a party promoter based in Haifa and Berlin. He is also known as TAKT, Abu Ahmad and Jazar Crew. Rojeh directs the Haifa Independent Film Festival which aims to introduce films from Palestine, the Arab world, and the international community to Palestine. He is one of the co-founders of Jazar Crew, an underground collective and the first collaboration of Palestinian DJs, organizing parties and music events in Haifa, Ramallah and Berlin. Rojeh's approach to music is educational and rooted in the essence of resistance, using cultural creativity as a tool for social and individual growth. Khleif is also the co-founder Harara Record label, introducing electronic sounds from the Middle East. In his sets Rojeh shares new dimensions of technological spirituality expressed through deep and hypnotic techno sounds, varying from Detroit producers, till local Palestinian producers featured on his own label Harara.

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