Desires at night: Handling the tension of pleasurable drug use and consensual intimacy

Berlin nightlife has been known for its vibrancy and juiciness ever since. Still, we recently recognise a strong shift towards more sexual openness in various party communities: Burners promoting free love, ravers wearing fetish gear all over the dance floors and techno party organisers inviting their crowd to explore their sexual realms at day with slow naughty techno sounds in the back.

We may learn a lot when having a glimpse at queer communities that have always advocated for sexual liberation. Yet, we come across old and new challenges when bringing more sexiness to the clubbing scene which at the same time does not seem to lose its soft spot for mind alteration by the help of psychoactive drugs.

SONAR – Safer Nightlife Berlin stands for health and well-being in nightlife settings with the aim to reduce risks to leave more space for pleasure. For this panel, we invite some of our close partners and friends to discuss challenges that occur along the conjunction of party, sex and drugs. Together we’ll seek for good practices.

Janina Vivianne | Sex-Aware | S+ Community Europe | Vienna
Simon Lang | manCheck | Berlin
Andrea Piest | SONAR, Notdienst, safer-nightlife Berlin
Pansy | Let’s Talk about Sex & Drugs | Berlin

Manuela Schulz | SONAR, safer-nightlife Berlin

Language: English

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