Manuela Schulz

sonar | eclipse Berlin [DE]

Manuela Schulz has a background in social work, foremost with people with special needs, & collectively run night club business. She has been committed to the fields of harm reduction & sexual health for years, amongst others with Chill Out e.V. (Potsdam), eclipse e.V. (Berlin) & Sonics e.V. (Germany). She is employed to Notdienst Berlin e.V. to benefit the project sonar Safer Nightlife Berlin. She is a board member of the NEWNet following the purpose of networking, connecting people and fields. Just recently she co-developed a new format called "Club Talks" for the Berlin club scene.

Within her projects „sonar – Safer Nightlife Berlin“ and „eclipse e.V.“, Manuela promotes health aspects and reduction of consumption risks for party guests. Moreover, she offers individual counseling on all aspects of party drugs and support for all of those who want to quit the use of drugs completely. Her projects are meant to work with an accepting approach, respectful and without a moral impetus. Driving spirit is the belief in information and competence as the foundation of responsible behavior.

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