Keta Conference Part Two: Lessons from Keta Universe

Over the years, the use of Ketamine has become increasingly popular. In some European countries –  especially Italy and France – Ketamine is one of the main substances used at night clubs and festivals.  Also, Berlin is known as “Keta City”. It’s time to focus on this development and to reflect upon questions related to this increased consumption. What is the reason behind wider distribution of this substance? What makes Ketamine so popular as a party drug? Which Ketamine-related problems, prevention and medical services are addressed in practice? Does this trend have an influence on the music played in clubs and at festivals?

Annette Brühl | Vice Chief Medical at Psychiatrische Universitätsklinik Zürich
Jasmijn Obispo | University of Amsterdam
Adam Winstock | Global Drug Survey
Guy Jones | Technical Director at Reagent Tests, UK

Rüdiger Schmolke | sonar Projekt, safer nightlife Berlin, Cillout e.V. Potsdam
Dr. Larissa J. Maier | Global Drug Survey, San Francisco

Language: English

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