Dr. med. Annette Brühl

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist | University Clinic Zürich [CH]

Dr. Annette Brühl is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist with a focus on depression and anxiety disorders, their neurobiology and treatment, working as a clinician, scientist and teacher. She focuses on improving treatments in this area and she welcomes ketamine as a novel antidepressant treatment.

Dr. med. Annette Brühls research is concerned with the interaction of emotion and cognition – how cognitive processes regulate emotion, how emotion interacts with cognition – with a particular focus on the neurofunctional processes. These processes are disturbed in affective disorders such as anxiety disorders, OCD, depression and borderline personality disorders. Therapeutic interventions such as psychotherapy and psychopharmacotherapy try to improve and restore these functions. Understanding these processes in healthy subjects, the disturbances in affective disorders and the changes due to treatment could help improving diagnosis and treatments in psychiatry.

Aiming at increasing knowledge in this field, she uses functional magnetic resonance imaging and neuropsychological methods in healthy subjects and patients. Furthermore, she is interested in translational models of these disorders.

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