Emission Funds Lab (Excursion)

With the help of Berlin’s Noise Emission Fund, many clubs and live music venues in Berlin are able to improve the measurements of sound emissions towards their neighbours. One of the most outstanding success stories of the „fund for urban peace“ has been developed for the open-air club „Ipse“. The club is situated within a cluster of other music venues alongside a small canal and with neighbours living close by. As an open-air club, complaints and actions against the nightlife activities of the clubs – especially the IPSE – has been escalating. Neighbours have been forming a citizens‘ initiative already – initiating round table talks with politics and administration to close down the clubs.

With the help of the Noise Emission Fund, an Active Noise Cancelling system was established at the outside floor of the club, eliminating all unwanted frequencies and waveforms. In an individual and technically innovative approach, a small audio company has developed a highly convincing solution which allows a full range sound on the open-air dancefloor, while a couple of meters away from the sources you soundwise hardly would guess there’s a massive party going on next to you. Besides an intelligent and complex solution for the bass, a four-meter wide sound horn has been installed for the higher frequencies.

Whoever is interested to see the installation with his/ her own eyes and is curious about the simulation and development process of that installation is invited to join our little excursion to IPSE club. We’ll be back for the following break in time.


Tom Szana | IPSE club manager
Falk Walter | Club Owner Ipse, Freischwimmer
Nadja Clarus | Senate Department for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises
Frank Görner | Kirsch Audio / görnerschweizer
MdA Georg Kössler | Clubpolitischer Sprecher | B90/ Die Grünen Berlin
Lukas Abbing | wax Gmbh | Schallschutzprogramm Berlin

Moderation: Raimund Reintjes | Clubcommission Berlin, Stadt Nach Acht, Noise Emmission Fund

Language: English

Meeting Point: Info Desk Clubcommission, Yaam Main Entrance (gate)

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