Club light conforms to the composition of the rooms and the musical orientation of the venue. It varies from the classic, flexible event lighting – which can hold up to a diverse and alternating events programme – or anywhere from a reduced or minimalistic atmosphere right up to the creation of elaborate fairytale worlds. In this tour, our participants will have the opportunity to take a closer look at the current state of light design in Berliner clubs, as pertaining to a specific spatial and atmosphere-oriented experience. During an approximately three-hour tour, three clubs will be visited, and their unique design approaches – from elaborate technical installations to artistic do-it-yourself constructions – will be discussed. These will be introduced on-site, and their techniques – and potentially their programming – will be explained. Together with the participants, we will discuss the synaesthesia between music, light and spatial experiences.


A guided tour with M. Eng. Natalie Heckl

Start @ YAAM Main Stage

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