Natalie Heckl

Lighting Designer and Lighting Engineer | Berghain Ostgut GmbH [DE]

Natalie Heckl focuses on the design of light in the club with the vision of the perfect interplay between music and the visual presentation of light.

Designing spaces with light, conveying emotion to the guests as potential performers of the event, catching them with a certain vibe or atmosphere, or inviting them to join in, is the art of the creative presentations of her shows. Bridging the gap between the light in the club, its architecture, and light art is an essential part of her work. The origin of her work was set in the late `90s, when she started as LJ in the Techno club Ultraschall in Munich’s Kunstpark Ost and immersed herself into the techno scene. From that moment on, she knew this was her world. During her studies at the Beuth Hochschule für Technik in Berlin, she worked as a lighting technician in the world-famous Berghain and still works there today. She works interdisciplinarily, both internationally and nationally as a lighting designer in the field of club lighting, and at the university, within the project of initiating an innovative new course of studies on the subject of lighting technology and lighting design.

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