The artistic depiction of nightlife culture: club & event lighting

 The focus in this panel lies (among other things) on the difference between stage lighting – which lends the performers or musicians a certain atmosphere – and club lighting – in which the space itself becomes the stage. Whether at a stage play or a concert, the light design significantly contributes to the observers’ visual experience; whereas at a club event, everyone in attendance potentially becomes a performer and thus part of the production. How can various lighting situations be shaped, and what should be taken note of in the process? In this context we would also like to ask: what effect does light have on people in attendance, and how can light assist in the dance or trance-related perception of the dancers?


M.Eng Natalie Heckl | Club – Light Designer | Berghain Ostgut GmbH | Berlin (DE)
Matthias Vollrath | Light Designer Time Warp | Ritchie Hawtin | Frankfurt a.M. (DE)
Christoph Schneider | Light Designer | Berlin (DE)
Jan Wichert | Light Designer | Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung | Berlin (DE)
Edwin Smida | Interior Designer | Light Designer and freethinker | LichtkunstLicht | Berlin (DE)

Moderation: Anke von der Heide | ZwischenWerk | Berlin (DE)

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