lecken. wax treatment | Berlin [DE]

A founding member & resident of "Lecken" since day one, she also co-organises local and international events (i.e 'Wax Treatment') with the KILLASAN sound system since 2014.

Raised on a strict diet of beats and swag, KILLA is a vinyl only DJ whose sensitive ear for the more unconventional crossovers between groovy techno, high-brow electronica and the b-side oddities of dance music is helping her flesh out a sound uniquely her own. KILLA came to Berlin in 2010 and started mixing publicly a few years ago, earning a quick-fire reputation for the uncompromising musical integrity of her selections, frequently served with a dash of diva sass. Her sets are as diverse as the venues she plays at (://about blank, Griessmühle, IfZ, KHIDI, Tresor) and the crates she digs in.
A resident of Lecken since day one, she is also co-organiser of local and international events with the KILLASAN sound system since 2014.

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