Agnes Raguse

Agnes Raguse

Rave Awareness | Berlin / Brandenburg [DE]

Agnes Raguse has been working as a freelancer in graphic design since 2010. As a part of several Berlin party collectives she was able to gain experience in event organisation. At the same time she committed more and more to anti-sexism work. 2017 she founded the collective "Rave Awareness". Our goal is to contribute to a long-term sensitization of the party scene and the implementation of awareness concepts in the party/event context.

Agnes Raguse arbeitet seit 2010 freiberuflich als Illustratorin. Die diplomierte Kommunikationsdesignerin konnte imRahmen verschiedener Berliner Kollektive, Erfahrungen in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen des Eventbetriebs sammeln, als Organisatorin, Promotorin, Raumgestalterin oder Herausgeberin einer Kollektivzeitung. Im selben Atemzug entwickelte sich das Engagement für Anti-Sexismusarbeit in Form von Awareness-Teams, Workshops und themenbezogene Projektgruppen.

Agnes Raguse has been working as a freelancer in illustration since 2010. In the framework of several Berlin collectives, the communication designer was able to gain experience in various areas of the event business, as an organizer, promoter, decorator, or publisher of a collective newspaper. Today, a second focus lies on the engagement of anti-sexism and awareness. She is giving workshops and works within topic-related project groups.

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