Trends on the Drug Market 2019

Hardly a week goes by without stories about drug use making headlines in the media. This coverage often leads to confusion among experts and politicians alike – but what is the reality? Which substances are consumed by night-time and festival revellers? Are cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy still in? Or have these substances been replaced by synthetic cathinones (eg. 3-MMC), or new empathogens such as 6-APB, ketamine, and methamphetamines? Is the concentration of MDMA and the purity of cocaine still on the rise? And what’s the news concerning cutting agents? This panel brings together varying perspectives, providing a complementary view of substance use in the night.


Dr. Larissa J. Maier | Global Drug Survey | San Francisco (US)
Mireia Ventura | Energy Control, NEWNet, TEDI Barcelona (ES)
Tina Van Havere | ALAMA Project, Hogeschool Gent | HoGent · Faculty of Education, Health and Social Work | Gent (
Sven Stockrahm | Die Zeit


Jochen Schrooten | Flemish centre for expertise on alcohol and other drugs (VAD), Bruxelles (BE)

Language: English

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