The Importance of Social Media for Prevention and Harm Reduction

Social media outlets serve as important channels of communication when spreading harm reduction and prevention messages to a younger target group. During the last few years, several new tools were developed in Europe. However, the success of these tools is not only related to the technology, design and content; some have seen censorship from YouTube and Facebook and have been blocked on these platforms. For this reason, the panel will not only focus on the latest developments regarding the use of social media tools but will also talk about how to deal with censorship policies of the major global players.


Philipp Kreicarek | Product Designer & Founder KnowDrugs App | Berlin
Kenan Souleyman | Administrator Psychonaut Wiki | Berlin
Erik Helderweert | VAD, Safe’n’Sound | Brussels
Aroma | Aromamusic, Data Protection Commissioner of Clubcommission | Berlin

Moderation: Irena Molnar | Youth Organisation for Drug Action in Europe | Belgrade

Language: English

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