Some of the main reasons for “going out” are to have a good time with others, to meet new people and to find a sexual partner for the night. Not only since the #metoo initiative, have sexual harassment in nightlife and at festivals become more widespread topics. As socialising with others is one of the most important reasons to visit a club or festival, the focus of this panel will be on different practices and activities from around Europe to prevent sexual harassment.


Jen Pahmeyer | Awareness Teambuilder Mensch Meier, SchwuZ | Berlin
Cristiana Vale Pires | Kosmicare association, „Sexism-free Nights“ | Porto
Bryony Beynon | Managing Director, Good Night Out Campaign CIC | London
Paul Reed | Chief Executive Association of Indie Festival AIF | London
Roger Ferrer Montero | Project Coordinator Fundació Salut i Comunitat – Lilac PointS | Barcelona

Moderation: Catalina Lopez | Beate Uwe Berlin

Language: English

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