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Delighting the audience, respecting the neighbours.

d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker systems have been performing at live, open-air events for over thirty-five years. As audio quality expectations have grown, along with the scale and popularity of the events themselves, so too has the realization that not everyone wants to be part of the party. As a result, the demand on sound reinforcement systems has never been higher: premium sound for the crowd, peace and quiet for the people outside the party grounds.

There was never a simple way to predict how sound propagates from the audience listening area into the local surroundings. This is why d&b audiotechnik added NoizCalc to its software arsenal. NoizCalc takes complex loudspeaker data and models immissions in the far field using the ISO 9613-2 or Nord2000 calculation standards. Using 3D geographical data, NoizCalc overlays an accurate prediction of the transmission effects across the terrain from the audience listening area into the surrounding region. This enables system designers to evaluate the effects of the sound reinforcement system, and any potential noise disturbance, during the event planning stage.


The d&b NoizCalc software enables system designers to model and assess noise immission issues in the far field. To ensure the results are reliable, NoizCalc includes all complex data concerning the addition and subtraction of sound waves including phase information to describe the combination and interaction effects within a loudspeaker system consisting of multiple line arrays, subwoofer arrays and delay systems.

NoizCalc displays performance characteristics for a wide area using precise geographical and meteorological data for a certain scenario. This visual representation shows the calculated system performance in the far field, enabling users to optimize the sound for listeners while satisfying local noise restrictions and offsite regulations.

d&b NoizCalc was developed in collaboration with SoundPLAN, a specialist software developer for environmental noise prediction. The collaboration between d&b and SoundPLAN forms the basis for a common understanding between those who create emissions: the loudspeaker system designers and technicians, and the environmental noise and immission specialists, who consider the impact on the wider ecology. The objective is to establish a greater awareness of all the factors which can influence solutions that conform with local and international rules and standards. The ultimate intention being to keep live events alive; delighting audiences while respecting the neighbours.


Presenter: Michael Kinzel, d&b audiotechnik

Language: English

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