Keta Conference Part One : Spot on Ketamine

Ketamine is a substance with an emerging impact on the electronic music and party scene. While many other substances like GBL, LSD, Cannabis, Cocaine, MDMA etc. are pretty well explored and discussed already, a closer look on Ketamine isn’t on a broad agenda. As a conference within a conference, Stadt Nach Acht invites some specialist for a double feature on Ketamine – The KETA Conference, as we call it.

Tibor Harrach | Drugchecking Initiative Berlin-Brandenburg
Dr. med. Felix Betzler | Charité Campus Berlin
Ulrike Scherling | misfit Berlin
Norman Ohler | author „Der totale Rausch. Drogen im Dritten Reich“, Berlin

Rüdiger Schmolke | sonar Projekt, safer nightlife Berlin, Chillout e.V. Potsdam
Dr.  Larissa J. Maier | Global Drug Survey, San Francisco

Language: English

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