Is it time to legalise MDMA?

Many harms associated with MDMA use in nightlife settings – such as adulteration and unpredictable potency – are the result of illegal supply rather than the effects of MDMA per se. Drugs checking and harm reduction services have gone some way to reducing such risks, but there is now a growing public debate around the possibility of legal regulated MDMA supply as a longer-term solution. As cannabis regulation has become a reality, political space is now opening for wider drug market reforms. But if some form of regulated supply of MDMA is to be part of future harm reduction approaches there are important questions; How might it work in practice? and what are the possible risks? Join the panel to explore the next potential frontier of drug harm reduction.


Judith Noijen | Jelinek, Amsterdam
Iga Kender-Jeziorska | YODA, Budapest
Karsten Tögel-Lins | Schildower Kreis, Karben
Fiona Mesham | Fiona Measham University of Liverpool, Co-Director of The Loop UK

Moderation: Steve Rolles | Transform Foundation, London

Language: Englisch


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