Clubtopia: Conscious clubbing

How can we reduce our carbon footprint during parties?

In this workshop, the Clubtopia team will give you a short introduction to sustainability in nightlife: What is the environmental impact of nightlife? How can you as a clubber become more environmentally friendly? What can clubs and event organizers do to reduce their negative impact on climate? Join the workshop to find out more and to take home practical solutions on sustainable clubbing.

Clubtopia is a cooperation project of BUND Berlin, clubliebe e.V. and Berlin Clubcommission and is supported by the Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection. The initiative offers club owners energy consulting and supports them with knowledge for implementing sustainability measures in clubs. In addition to the innovation labs Future Party Lab, Clubtopia also organizes round tables for a green club culture.


Konstanze Meyer (Clubliebe e.V)

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