Are Bars Safe Drinking Spaces?

The use of alcohol is part of European nightlife culture. Bars serve as important places to socialize and consume alcohol during the night. Is there any knowledge about the problems related to this use? Are bars, when compared to public spaces, safe drinking places? What does a “safe bar” look like? This panel brings together varying expertise and study results with the aim of reflecting on how and if bars can be safe places for drinking alcohol at night.


Nicky Dirkx | Hogeschool | Gent (BE)
Nadia Butler | John Moores University | Liverpool (GB)
Jennifer Martens | Centre for Drug Research DRUSEC | Goethe University | Frankfurt a. M. (DE)
Tom Taghon | HoReKa Coach | Gent (BE)

Grégoire Vittoz | Addiction Suisse | Lausanne (CH)

Language: Englisch

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