With the liberalisation of retail-related ordinances, round-the-clock availability of cheap alcohol has become a major topic, especially when the discussion concerns littering and violence in public spaces. The increased availability is also often regarded as grounds for excessive intoxication, which may often end in hospital visits. But are restrictions of the nocturnal sale of alcohol a useful tool when relieving public spaces of such concerns, or when limiting alcohol poisoning? This panel will focus on expertise from cities with nocturnal alcohol regulations while integrating some general reflection from nightlife culture on this topic.


Grégoire Vittoz | Addiction Suisse | Lausanne (CH)
Paula Sofia de Figueiredo Dias | City of Porto (IT)
Alexander Bücheli | Bar & Club Kommission | Zürich (CH)
Michael Näckel | DeHoGa | Berlin (DE)
Indré Kalinauskaite | University of Technology | Eindhoven (NL)
Merlijn Poolman | Night Mayor | Groningen (NL)

Language: English

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